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Chemicals is a product line offered by EXMAT, providing durable and versatile solutions for construction projects.


Urea is used at medicine, chemistry, automotive industry but the most common use is at agriculture in terms of fertilisers. Urea gives Amonnium ion which is very important to plants. We are official distributor of a Central Asian producer of urea in Turkey. We offer this product in 50 kg. bags. Test results of batches are given during purchase period.

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Polypropylene is second thermoplastic polymer after polyethylene most widely used by human. It is used as packaging, manufacturing plastic parts, in textile and automotive industries. We offer high quality polypropylene granules in woven bags for various segments. Please contact our sales office for your enquiries.

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Powder coating

Powder Coatings – ecological, solvent free coating technology systems which are applied with electrostatic powder guns and cured under relevant curing conditions. Homogeneous thicknesses and various smooth apperings can be obtained by powder coatings. Besides providing different surface types and unlimited color variations, these color series offer resistance to harsh climatic conditions. We offer full range of RAL codes with Qualicoat and GSB certificates and can design special colours according to your samples.

Epoxy Polyester Powder Coatings for Office (Section) Systems

Epoxy-Polyester powder coatings are sometimes called hybrids and used for indoor applications. These powder coatings are durable to acidic and basic environments.

Polyester Powder Coatings for Outdoors

Polyester Powder coatings are used for outdoor façade systems. Commonly aluminium and steel are coated. We offer TGIC as well as TGIC-free versions.

Bonding Powder Coatings for Your Architectural Projects

Architechtural powder coatings are special powder coatings with Qualicoat Class I and Class II certificate. These powders are developed by bonding method which uses special technology to bond metallic pigments into powder coatings and are durable to Florida tests for years according to Qualicoat.

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