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Aluminium Products Group is a product line offered by EXMAT, providing durable and versatile solutions for construction projects.

Aluminium extrusion profile

Extrusion Facility

  • 75.000mton annual production capacity
  • From 50g/m up to 75kg/m profile production availability
  • Up to 30m single length profile extrusion
  • Up to 450mm diameter or 600mm wide profile extrusion
  • Full traceability

Production Capability
  • Extrusion Facility is comprised of 7 separate and highly efficient production lines, from 1250 tons through 1350, 1600, 2200, 2700, 3500 and up to 5500 tons. Using only 100% primer quality billets, our total aluminium profile production capacity is 75.000 tons per year at a facility that has been optimized over time to produce a range of aluminium profiles with different alloys and physical characteristics.
Custom Profile Production
  • We have been at the forefront of the movement towards increasingly custom profile production, investing heavily in our ability to design and develop more innovative solutions for a diverse customer base, including the construction, furniture production, white household appliances, customer electronics, heatsink production, machinery manufacture, road transportation, automotive, marine, railway, PV/Solar industry and aeronautic industries.
Surface Treatment Facilities
  • Surface Effects (Satinating, brushing, sand-blasting, polishing, stainless steel)
  • Anodic Oxidation
  • Electrostatic Powder Paint
  • Sublimation
Mechanical Treatment Facility
  • Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Kitting
  • Assembly

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Billet Production

Aluminium Billet Production Facility

  • 90.000mton annual production capacity
  • 100% ultrasonic testing of aluminium billets
  • 1050, 1070, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6463, 7005, 7020, 9003 alloys
  • 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14 inch billet diameters
  • Up to 7300mm billet length
Billet Casting Line
  • The benefits of casting billets at the same facility is largely in the ability to customize a billet’s properties to better accommodate a particular profile specification. In addition, knowing that higher quality billets help to extend the life of an extrusion die and deliver improved yield and recovery rates, resulting in significantly lower costs, we made the strategic decision at our founding to control the quality of the billets we extrude.
Casting Purity

The Asaş Billet Casting line uses a fully automated computer-aided, hot top air slip casting system to control the casting process and produce exceptionally superior quality aluminium billets that adhere to the highest European EN AW quality standards. This enhanced billet purity in turn yields stronger aluminium profiles, an essential outcome where the life time value of a product is concerned. We can also customize billet’s alloy limits according to a customer’s specific project and physical characteristic requirements.

Modern Continuous Homogenizing

The metallurgical results of uniform, continuously homogenized billets are considerably superior to those achieved by conventional batch system due to precisely controlled temperature cycles during heating, soaking and cooling.

Thanks to continuous billet homogenizing that each logs in the heating compartment uniformly heated to required temperature and logs then pass to the holding compartment where they are precisely kept at the required temperature throughout the holding time after entering the cooling station logs are subjected to intensive cooling that cooling speed is adjustable based on alloy.

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Aluminium Composite Panels

ASAŞ aluminum composite panel products provide solutions in terms of facade cladding systems for the construction sector, and add value to living areas with design and production solutions for industrial and architectural interior – exterior claddings and other special applications.

Composite panels are produced at ASAŞ in the highest international construction sector requirements in accordance with TS EN 13501 standard, by using high quality PVDF painted aluminium coil and LDPE resin and AI(OH) 3 aluminium hydroxide raw materials that are used in B1 product, which is classified as ‘‘Difficult to Ignite’’.

Special ranges were developed by using products of different thicknesses and diverse coating alternatives in order to meet the expectationsof the market, project requirements and design. Naturalbond, Alfabond, Asbond and Signbond brands, are used in advertising sector very commonly, offering wide range of application options to designers and are used particularly for the interior and exterior designs of spaces such as skyscrapers, special design architectural structures, airports etc.

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Aluminium Flat Rolled Products

Ex Materials provides services to its clients with various surface applications such as roll, plate, foil products and embossing, painting and lamination at its Flat Products Production which are producing in ASAŞ factory

Facility which includes the following lines:

  • Continuous casting lines
  • 26 tons cast coils
  • 250mm casting width
  • X-Ray profile scanner
  • Intensive care for liquid metal
  • with electromagnetic stirrer
  • Deep bed filter for molten metal quality
  • Rolling mill
  • Hard alloys rolling ability with 6-Hi CVC plus cold rolling mill
  • ABB stressometer and hot edge spray for better flatness
  • Reduced thickness deviation with feed-forward control
  • Environmental friendly process with air purification system
- Slitting/cut-to-length lines
  • From 25mm to 2.200mm width
  • Thickness range of 0,2mm to 4,5mm
  • Delicate surface quality
  • Burr free edges
  • High production speed
  • Perfect cutting and slitting accuracy
- Foil Mill
  • Widest and fastest foil mill in the world
  • Superior flatness with variable crown roll and hot edge spray system
  • Sustainable production with air purification system
  • Ability to roll down to 6 micron
  • Foil Slitting Line
  • Widest foil separating and slitting in the world
  • From 25mm to 2.150mm width
  • Thickness range of 0.005mm to 0.3mm
  • Online pinhole detection
– Painted plate production facilities.
  • One of the widest coating lines with 2.100 width
  • Ability to coat 4 layers in a single pass
  • Wide range surface solutions with cold lamination, embossing and electrostatic oiling systems
  • Superior surface quality with inspection system
  • Low carbon foot print with regenerative thermal oxidizer

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