and PVC Systems

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Aluminium and PVC Systems is a product line offered by EXMAT, providing durable and versatile solutions for construction projects.

Panoramic Guillotine Glazing

Panoramic guillotine glazing is an innovative product that allows you to transform the interior of a room while maintaining maximum proximity to the environment. The modern system is very easy to operate: just press the remote control button and the window will open/close.

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Innovative roofing systemsІнноваційні

Innovative roofing systems are the highest achievement in the field of modern construction. These systems are a unique combination of advanced technology and outstanding design, making them unrivaled among other roofing solutions.

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Frameless Glazing Systems

Frameless glazing is considered the most elite and high-tech design among many other glazing methods. Thanks to the versatility of its design, frameless glazing can be installed in any shape. This type of glazing has a spectacular appearance and aesthetics, and is also very easy to use.

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Facade cladding. Curtain walls

Curtain walls are designed to protect the building from the outside elements (such as weather) keeping air and water out of the building and providing good insulation. Also reduce building sway, slows the spread of fire. Glazing can reduce UV light, stabilize the interior temperature and keep items within the building from fading or degrading quickly. Modern and sophisticated appearance of building will give unique beauty to city skyline.

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PVC systems

PVC window and door systems are widely used worlwide more than aluminium systems. We offer PVC profiles produced only with European-origin raw materials so with the highest quality.

These plastic systems provide good heat, sound and wind insulation thanks to EPDM/TPE sealings. Sliding and guillotine versions are also available.

  • 52mm, 60mm, 70 mm, 80mm and 120mm Door and Window Systems
  • PVC Sliding 60 mm. and 74 mm. Systems
  • PVC Lift-Slide (Hebe Schiebe) System
  • PVC Roller Shutter Slats and Monoblock Box Systems
  • PVC Laminated and Bended Profile Systems

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Facade systems. Terracotta

Terracotta facade systems give stylish visual appearance to the exterior of building. Frost & UV resistant cladding panels give fire protection and effective acoustic insulation. Made of clay tiles are natural, durable and resistant to fading, impacts or scratches. With the terracotta façade coating, the building body gains a protection against bad weather conditions and rainwater while aluminum structure complement each other with the innovative, maintenance-free & ecological design. Joint gaps formed horizontally between the panels provide natural ventilation behind the facade.

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Sunbreakers (solar shading)

Sunbreakers are excellent exterior finishes which provide privacy while allowing light to pass and not restricting the view from inside. They are used for reducing the effect of sunlight as well as decorative purposes. Thin-walled aluminium blades and guide rails protect you from UV by keeping the whole construction lightweight & durable. Sunbreakers can be fixed horizontally or vertically or mobile with a blade rotation range up to 90 degrees. They also protect against overheating the building and reduce energy consumption from air conditioning up to 25-30%. You can also save energy by taking advantage of more daylight throughout the year. Qualicoat Class I & Class II super durable powder coated versions are available for high temperature range.

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Handrail & glass balustrade systems

Our lightweight, weld-free aluminum handrails are manufactured by using the highest quality aluminum extrusions, castings and fasteners, offering a smooth finish and strength. They can be purchased as components or as pre-fabricated and ready-to-install handrail systems. With a wide range of options, our glazed/glassless balustrad and handrail systems are waiting to decorate you stairs and balconies with their durability an safety. Can be anodized or powder coated in a variety of colours to achieve your desired look. EX Materials guarantees the most professional and responsive service to its customers.

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Photocell doors

Photocell door systems are used in apartments, shopping centers, offices, villas, industry, hotels, hospitals, universities, factories and etc. These systems are different in terms of indoor and outdoor applications. Photocell sliding door systems are suitable solutions for entrances and exits, with its fast opening feature, which minimizes the loss of time with automatic sensors. We offer different alternatives to our customers according to their usage characteristics. Wide colour range is available.

Here are some examples;

  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Full-Glass Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Round Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Telescopic Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Breakout Sliding Doors For Emergency Exit

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Office partitioning systems

Office partitioning is a cost-effective way of dividing workplaces & creating individual spaces for employees. Comparing to fixed walls they are easy to clean and suitable to any expansions or rearrangements in future. Maximising the importance of natural light will ensure feeling of spaciosness and save energy costs. Full-height partitioning will reduce noise and minimise external distractions, especially for private meetings & phone calls if high sound insulation is required. We provide a wide variety of custom made partitions that range in colours, finishes, styles and sizes.

Features & Benefits;

  • Light and durable
  • Different types of infill: glass panes, furniture/gypsum boards
  • Louvers can be added
  • Easy to install
  • Continuously mounted glazing gaskets

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Sliding glass systems

Fully glazed sliding systems will maintain elegance and harmony for your properties. Functional and practical design, lightweight aluminum profiles, sealing gaskets and special lock system will provide ideal heat, sound, water insulation and resistance to wind load ensuring home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The panels run on rollers and have the feature of moving into the desired position with one finger without any effort. Gliding along a track instead of swinging will ensure roominess and large glass panes will offer views of your garden landscape or panoramic views beyond.

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