Panoramic Guillotine Glazing

About the product

Panoramic guillotine glazing is an innovative product that allows you to transform the interior of a space while preserving maximum proximity to the surrounding environment. The modern system is very convenient to control: simply press a button on the remote, and the window will open/close.


Depending on the type of coating, panoramic systems are divided into “Series of Systems,” “Opening Options for Systems,” and “Windproof Glazing System.”

System series

The series of innovative framing systems offer the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of open spaces regardless of the season. Unique technologies allow for easy and quick transformation of your space with just one motion, providing protection against various weather conditions.


Options for opening systems

A design that allows you to open the terrace at your discretion. With numerous opening options, our glazing systems provide the freedom to choose according to any weather conditions. Relieve the burden of the wind by positioning the windows in the desired direction or create instant shade by lifting the flexible sash upwards. Our technology is your pleasure.

Windproof glazing system

The windproof glazing system provides the opportunity to enjoy an open terrace and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. Protection from harsh weather conditions can be achieved with just one motion by lifting the mobile sash.

Panoramic Guillotine Glazing


Panoramic guillotine glazing designs offer unique possibilities, transforming your home, office or commercial space into spacious, modern spaces.


Unobstructed view of the surroundings


Convenient glazing control


Stylish fusion of interior and exterior


Expanding the sense of space in a room


Easy to use design for everyday use