Aluminium Flat Rolled Products

About Product

Ex Materials provides services to its clients with various surface applications such as roll, plate, foil products and embossing, painting and lamination at its Flat Products Production which are producing in ASAŞ factory

Facility which includes the following lines:
  • Continuous casting lines
  • 26 tons cast coils
  • 250mm casting width
  • X-Ray profile scanner
  • Intensive care for liquid metal
  • with electromagnetic stirrer
  • Deep bed filter for molten metal quality
  • Rolling mill
  • Hard alloys rolling ability with 6-Hi CVC plus cold rolling mill
  • ABB stressometer and hot edge spray for better flatness
  • Reduced thickness deviation with feed-forward control
  • Environmental friendly process with air purification system
- Slitting/cut-to-length lines
  • From 25mm to 2.200mm width
  • Thickness range of 0,2mm to 4,5mm
  • Delicate surface quality
  • Burr free edges
  • High production speed
  • Perfect cutting and slitting accuracy
- Foil Mill
  • Widest and fastest foil mill in the world
  • Superior flatness with variable crown roll and hot edge spray system
  • Sustainable production with air purification system
  • Ability to roll down to 6 micron
  • Foil Slitting Line
  • Widest foil separating and slitting in the world
  • From 25mm to 2.150mm width
  • Thickness range of 0.005mm to 0.3mm
  • Online pinhole detection
– Painted plate production facilities.
  • One of the widest coating lines with 2.100 width
  • Ability to coat 4 layers in a single pass
  • Wide range surface solutions with cold lamination, embossing and electrostatic oiling systems
  • Superior surface quality with inspection system
  • Low carbon foot print with regenerative thermal oxidizer