Bioclimatic pergola


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Winter gardens are a real find for those who appreciate comfort, tropical plants combined with home coziness. Light transparent structures are incorporated into projects when building country houses, cottages, villas, and even on the balconies of apartments.







Axial NIMB

In the swivel-axis bioclimatic pergola, the slats rotate around their axis, allowing for the regulation of sunlight flow on the terrace.

Light I Premium I Plus

Maximum system width 4.5 m, maximum extension 6.5 m


Sliding NIMB

The swivel-sliding pergola is a premium segment construction. It is equipped with two motors, allowing both the rotation and sliding movement of the slats.


Maximum system width 14 m, maximum extension 7 m



Maximum system width 14 m, maximum extension 7 m

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The Ex Materials company has a team with extensive experience in project development and management. We specialize in designing and supplying products for the aluminum industry, including storage and processing solutions. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Project management

We provide services that include preparing a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) outlining the quantity and volume of materials, selecting products for project customization, assessing local manufacturers/suppliers, quality control, testing, and organizing swift delivery.


Considering your project schedule, we propose offering storage for your products at our 1070 m2 warehouse in Istanbul. This will assist you in planning your projects and receiving goods promptly ahead of assembly.

Handling and transportation

Material processing requires special attention to protect them from scratches and impacts. Recognizing its importance, we understand our clients’ concerns and collaborate with more sensitive logistics companies to address this issue.

Axial Pergola

The movement of the lamellas is carried out around their axis.

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Our mission is to help and lighten the world around us. To achieve this goal, we offer solutions accessible to everyone. Social responsibility, care for the environment and ecological balance are our philosophy of life.


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Sliding Light

Equipped with two motors, it allows both the rotation and sliding movement of the slats.

Sliding Premium

Equipped with two motors, it allows both rotating the slats and shifting them.