Frameless Glazing Systems

About the product

Frameless glazing is considered the most elite and advanced construction among many other glazing methods. Due to the versatility of its design, frameless glazing can be installed in any shape. This type of glazing has a stylish appearance and aesthetic appeal, as well as being very easy to operate.


Depending on the opening mechanism, frameless glazing is divided into systems such as “Parallel-sliding,” “Swing-folding,” and “Bottom-supported without threshold.”

The parallel-sliding glazing system MOVENT

The glass panels move parallel to each other and can slide either to the left or to the right within the opening.


The swing-folding glazing system LIBER

The opening of the panels occurs to one side, with each panel overlaying the previous one. They slide and fold, resembling a “book,” neatly stacking against the wall and securing with straps.

Top hung glazing system SOHO

The panel does not move along a horizontal guide. Thanks to a special fastening, each panel rotates around its axis.

Frameless glazing systems


Frameless glazing systems offer incredible advantages, making your home, office, or commercial space more modern, functional, and comfortable.


Multifunctionality, lightness and mobility


Easy and fast establishment


Resistance to wind loads


Easy to operate and maintain


Protection from harmful rays