Innovative Roofing Systems

About the product

Innovative roofing systems represent the pinnacle of modern construction. These systems combine advanced technologies with outstanding design, making them unparalleled among other roofing methods.


Depending on the roof covering method, roofing systems are divided into “Pergola,” “Bioclimatic Pergola,” and “Winter Garden.”

Pergola AURA

A pergola with a retractable awning is a modern and aesthetic solution that provides comfort and enjoyment of leisure in any weather. It is a comfortable open space next to a home or public establishment. It represents something between a fully enclosed area and an open patio or terrace.


Bioclimatic pergola NIMB

A bioclimatic pergola is a modern, highly functional alternative to traditional sun protection structures. It’s an ideal solution for arranging summer areas of restaurants and cafes, as well as gazebos and poolside zones in country houses.

Winter garden GIARDI

Winter gardens are a real find for those who appreciate comfort, tropical plants combined with the coziness of home. Light, transparent structures are incorporated into projects during the construction of country houses, cottages, villas, and even on the balconies and loggias of apartments.

Innovative Roofing Systems


Innovative roofing systems offer unique advantages, transforming your home, office, or commercial space into durable, functional, and stylish structures.


Reliability in extreme conditions

Energy efficiency

Reduce Heating/Cooling Costs


Wide range of styles and textures


Fast and easy safe installation

Environmental friendliness

Environmentally friendly materials